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WordPress 4.7 Manual & Guide

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This is the manual that WordPress should have included!Says everyone, everywhere

WordPress has no shortage of documentation but it’s scattered all over the web, in different text and video tutorials. You can end up finding a tutorial, spending 10 minutes on it and then realize it’s for an older version of WordPress which is frustrating.

We have asked ourselves, “Why doesn’t WordPress come with an owner’s manual?”

We can’t answer that question but we have a solution for it!

That’s where our own FREE¬†147 page¬†handbook comes in.

Fully updated for all new features in WordPress version 4.7. All new content, all new screenshots.

A complete owner’s manual for WordPress 4.7

New Features Include:

  • New Default 2017 Theme
  • Customizer Updates
  • PDF Thumbnail Previews
  • Additional Features

With this latest version of the WordPress Owners Manual, numerous screenshots have been updated making sure that what you see in the guide is what you see when using your dashboard.

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