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How to get more customers and increase your bottom line in the fastest and most effective way possible. Think about it, how do customers find your business online? Well, one way is they look for your product or service by typing in a keyword and a city into a search engine. Such as dentists west palm beach. In fact, 2,400 people search for dentists west palm beach every month in Google alone and that’s just one keyword. Now, this happens in every niche, every single day on many different search engines, and your market has many, many keywords by which your business can be found. So, you can imagine the hundreds if not thousands of searches done every month by customers looking for your products and services.

Now, each new search returns a lot of search results, both organic results, and advertising, giving the searcher many different choices. So, here’s the important question, how on earth do they decide who they are going to do business with? Well, studies show they look for the best company to do business with. That means they look at reviews. In fact, potential customers look at an average of 10 reviews before they decide to take any action.

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True or false, does reading bad reviews online leave negative impressions on potential customers? Uh, yeah it does. I mean, would you buy a product or service that had bad ratings and reviews? Of course not and that’s because you don’t want to have a bad experience like the people who gave the bad reviews. So, we all look at reviews as an indicator of how we might experience a product or service. But here’s a more important question, if three products are almost identical, but one has no reviews, one has three good reviews and one bad review, and the last one has 10 five-star reviews. Which one are you going to buy? Obviously, you’re going to buy the one that has 10 great reviews and that’s because people are looking for great experiences and reviews are one of the easiest ways to quickly assess whether or not you think you will also have a great experience or not.

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Reviews show, which companies are consistent about delivering that great experience or product or a service to us. So, this is what your prospective clients do every single day. They go online, and they look for the company with the best reviews and only one bad review, as you’ve just seen, can send the customer from your website or online listing to someone else’s. So even one bad review can mean the difference between your phone ringing or your competition’s phone ringing. So here’s the thing, the bottom line is that your reputation is everything and that also means that increasing your reputation is the way to increase your bottom line.

Now that you understand the critical importance of reviews to getting more customers, in an upcoming post, we’ll show you exactly why online reviews have become the one single marketing tool you simply cannot ignore if you want to continue to stay in business and have your business thrive. And we’ll also be sharing the secret to making sure your reviews not only drive more customers to your business but how they can make you the market leader in your business niche and blow your competition away.

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