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Project Details

Hudson Water Works is a public not-for-profit water utility located in Hudson FL. They chose Artful Pussycat for a complete revamp of their existing website because of our experience in integrated specific functionality as well as our hands-on customer service.

Hudson Water Works previously had a very dated website that we built & hosted on Google Sites. The previous website actually made their customer service more difficult to provide. They provide some of the highest quality drinking water in Florida and wanted their customer service to match that quality.

Previously for their customers to make any type of updates or changes to their accounts, the process was this:

  • Direct customer to appropriate PDF form on the website
  • Customer would have to download and print the PDF
  • The PDF would then need filled out by hand
  • The customer would then need to scan the completed form as well as proof of ID
  • The scanned document would then be emailed to the office staff
  • The office staff would then be faced with data entry of the hand-written form info, often requiring further clarification if any info was not easily readable

Obviously if the customer did not have both a printer and scanner then the only real option was a trip to the office during business hours.

We consulted with them to come up with solutions that would make the needed interactions with the customers as easy as possible while also eliminating a lot of data entry by the office staff.

We eliminated all of the PDF documents and replaced them with custom built input forms that could easily be completed by the customers 24/7 on a computer or smartphone with the form data being sent straight to the office network for fast and easy processing. The form data is protected by strict SSL security.

This makes for happier customers and happier office staff.

We also implemented the ability to activate a site-wide boil water notice that can be activated in the case of emergency