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Project Details

Fort Knox Fire contact us after their previous “web guy” had disappeared, number of plugins utilized had stopped being updated by the developers and many site elements had broken after a WordPress version update.

Updates had not been maintained for quite some time leaving the site in need of critical repairs. In addition the original developer had licensed premium plugins under his name leaving the site owner unable to get the latest versions further driving home factors that the developer had not followed standard “Best Practices”.

  • Never let a site developer license premium plugins under their name instead of yours
  • Always use plugins from developers that are not abandoned and will not be updated.
  • Longevity and reliability of web developers and 3rd party modules is critical.

We worked with the client to:

  • ensure all 3rd party plugins and licenses were owned by the site owner and not the site builder
  • Code a custom map display showing the location of over 400 of the site owners customers
  • Under a lot of shortcuts that were taken originally
  • Fixed errors caused by the original developer not following best practices
  • Built a custom back-end feature where the site owner can get direct support from us in their dashboard
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