Two and a half years since my last blog post!

What the absolute heck! So where did I go?

Nowhere actually. What was keeping me from blogging? Life I guess.

What have I been doing over those past two years? Working. Consulting. Advising. Managing client’s social media. Fixing websites. Growing others peoples businesses.

It’s like that old parable about the shoemakers kids shoes neglected. I’ve been so busy with business and life in general that I fell behind in blogging. After a while it was awkward to even have a blog on our site because it was out of date. I actually even removed it from the navigation menu. I’ve posting a lot of blog content, it just wasn’t on my own blog! But we have gone thru some significant growth over the past few months…. New home, new offices near downtown New Port Richey (amazing offices!) Getting involved in the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce… All good stuff!

After so many projects for clients I couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room. Our website had been neglected while I worked on others projects. Other than some content changes we had not done a complete overhaul of our website in a loooong time. Just no time to do it.

Well I finally had enough. I started updating some content on our site and and just thought “we have a new city, new clients, new offices it’s time for a NEW WEBSITE. (No new cats though. We’re fully staffed in that dept)

Looking out my windows from my desk at all the fruit trees and so much beauty I got the motivation to start working overtime… Thru late nights, pots and pots of coffee.. So I could create the time to rebuild our site from the ground up. New site, re-written content, new attitude. As we worked on the site I realized I missed blogging.

One question all of my clients ask is “How often should I blog?” I always tell them “When you have something to say!”. That’s where the good content comes from… When you actually have something that needs to be said. I have always gone against the grain of those “rules of thumb” like you need to post to your blog at least every two weeks and such. That’s where crap content comes from. What if you don’t have something profound to say in that two weeks? Then you feel obligated to come up with something to write about because you feel you should. Result? Crap Content.

That’s why I tell clients to take that “recommended posting frequency” rule of thumb that all of the social media sites push on you and throw it out the window. We’re not traffic cops who have to meet a quota. Quality vs. Quantity. Don’t write because you feel you need to, write because you have something to say! Avoid crap content.

If you follow your drive instead of a “recommended posting frequency”, the good stuff happens.

This was intended as explanation of why I haven’t been blogging but evolved into the reasoning why I advise clients to ignore those “recommended posting frequency” charts. Write when you have something to say, not to create filler. Because you want to, not because you need to.

After 2 1/2 years working, learning and evolving, I have a lot to say. And it’s pretty damn exciting.

Now I’ve got to get back to work, back to speed tuning our shiny new website and back to life!

Stay tuned… I’ve got TONS of things in the pipeline. Remember, blog when you have something to say, not to fill a quota. Even if it means a 2 year break LOL

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