Local SEO Services to Ensure Visibility Your website's visibility is vital to getting web traffic, but how do you get seen? Read on for some great local SEO services that guarantee your visibility.

Digital marketing is essential to growing your brand. If you’re lacking an online presence, you’ll fail to stand out.

While many people turn to content marketing to help solve this problem; and rightly so, producing content only goes so far.

Brands serious about competing online need to actually get their content in front of people. That’s where search engine optimization is helpful.

SEO has been around since the very start of digital marketing, and it’s still as important as ever.

Though its application has evolved over the years. Mobile and local search trends have pushed Google to make its algorithm local-centric.

Four in five consumers use search engines for local search, while 88 percent of smartphone users do the same.

To help you capitalize on Google’s fondness for local search, we’re bringing you our top local SEO services to grow your business.

Local SEO Services Tip #1: The 3-Pack



Google 3 Pack. Actual Artful Pussycat client shown

Google 3 Pack. Actual Artful Pussycat client shown


Google offers what’s known as the “3-pack results” during local searches. These results are three local businesses that appear at the top of the page.

Their results detail hours, location, reviews, etc. If you want local search success, you need to appear in the 3-pack.

The local 3-pack shows up in the top search spot 93 percent of the time. What’s more, that top search spot receives 33 percent of all search traffic.

Getting into the 3-pack and seeing this success is easier than you’d think. First, you need to update your Google My Business profile.

Google looks at your profile for basic information to serve customers. Website’s without information like hours and location won’t ever crack the 3-pack.

Next, ensure your website is generating online reviews. You can even offer content in exchange for reviews if needed. New reviews mean your business is worth showing Googlers.

Finally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. With nearly 60 percent of searches coming from mobile devices, Google heavily factors mobile design into its algorithm.

The best way to build your mobile site? Mobile responsive design. Responsive websites automatically change their layout depending on the user’s device.

#2: Real World Location and On-Page Elements

Google is increasingly factoring real-world location into their search algorithm. The closer a business is to your location, the better chance it has of serving your needs.

Once again, mobile strategy has its hand in search’s evolution. Mobile local searches lead 50 percent of users to visit stores within a day.

Though there’s a catch. If a search user isn’t located near your business, they won’t return your business on the SERPs.

To combat this, brands should take care to properly structure their on-page elements.

Make sure your landing pages are heavy with SEO signals.

Include long-tail keywords, meta descriptions, HTML headers, strong content, and your business name, location, and phone number.

Your goal is to appear more relevant and “local” than a business closer to the search user.

Local SEO is crucial to ensuring your business ranks high on the Google SERPs. The more visible your business, the better chance you have of attracting new customers.

If you’re looking for help increasing your local search visibility, get in contact with us. Our company is dedicated to bringing local SEO services to business of all sizes.


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