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54% of all sales in the US come from small businesses. Because the local industry is the cornerstone of our economy, it’s no wonder even the biggest companies in the world have started to pay more attention to the local level.

Google My Business is an incredible local SEO tool that all businesses need. You may feel you’ve mastered it, but with Google, that’s never true. The change-happy tech giant constantly changes their tools.

Know the ins and outs of these new updates to bring your business into the future.

Google My Business Will Notify You When Customers Post Map Photos

A customer posting a picture of your business is usually a good thing.

But as anyone who’s ever used a camera can tell you, lighting and angles matter. Let’s say a customer takes a picture of one of your display shelves in the dark, and at an angle that makes them look small and empty.

Wouldn’t you like to know it’s been uploaded so you can respond with a picture showing just how great your shelves are?

Google will now let you know.

Local Ads are Now On Mobile

In the old days, local ads would be easy to see on a computer, but a bit more difficult on a cell phone or mobile device.

This makes no sense in today’s world.

Most people looking for local businesses, especially today, are looking on their phones. Google My Business has made it easier to see local listings while searching from a cell phone. That’s good news for you and your customers.

Google Plus Is Less Helpful

In the name of cross-brand integration, Google Plus was helpful for businesses before 2015.

So, a new version was created that removed the ability of Google Plus users to make information like their phone number or address visible on listings.

Today, listings are no longer compatible with the old version of Google Plus.

This means Google Plus really isn’t very useful for most small business owners with the exception of some SEO campaigns, and that Facebook might be a more robust part of your social media strategy.

You’re Safe From Pending Edits

Pending edits used to show up on local listings, meaning the enemies of innocent business owners could put up fake flags just to destroy them.

After a few publicized incidents, Google decided enough is enough and finally removed pending edits from listings.

Business owners should still check regularly to make sure no fake edits have been published.

Check The Facts

Google launched a “check the facts” feature for local guides. This allows business owners and Google My Business users to make sure edits to their listings involving location, phone number, and description are accurate.

This is good news, but business owners should still keep checking on their listings for accuracy.

At the end of the day, you aren’t able to depend on technology to take care of itself. That’s where we come in.

We are experts in local SEO. Along with focusing on local search visibility, we also offer website and growth solutions for business owners looking to take control of their digital strategy.

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