Preparing for Google’s Mobile-first Index: What Does It Mean for Local SEO?

Preparing for Google's Mobile-first Index: What Does It Mean for Local SEO?

In October of 2016, mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage around the globe, and Google has responded to this steady growth of handheld net surfing by announcing the eventual switch to a new search index that favors mobile-friendly sites. In this post, we’ll review the implications that this switch has on local SEO and cover the basics of preparing for Google’s mobile-first index.

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3 Simple Tips for a Secure Website

Man typing password on labtop screen background, cyber security

It seems like almost every single day brings news of a new hacking attempt. There are people around the globe working night and day to get access to your personal files for monetary gain or nefarious reasons. Are you confident in your site’s security? If not, it may be time to upgrade your security. In…

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WordPress 4.8 Manual & Guide

Free WordPress 4.7 Manual download

[x_pullquote cite=”Says everyone, everywhere” type=”right”]The manual that should come included[/x_pullquote] WordPress has no shortage of documentation but it’s scattered all over the web, in different text and video tutorials. You can end up finding a tutorial, spending 10 minutes on it and then realize it’s for an older version of WordPress which is frustrating. We…

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Local SEO: 5 Big Google My Business Updates

Google My Business

54% of all sales in the US come from small businesses. Because the local industry is the cornerstone of our economy, it’s no wonder even the biggest companies in the world have started to pay more attention to the local level. Google My Business is an incredible local SEO tool that all businesses need. You may feel…

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