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A Different Kind of Agency Born Out of a Need

Artful Pussycat was born out of necessity. Over a decade ago I was a wedding and product photographer. Frustrated with the fact that existing website options of the time did not fit the needed functions in an all-in-one website. Most photographers had their main website, a blog at a separate address, a 3rd-party site that provided online proofing and print ordering and another 3rd party site for booking and event management.

Because of the fantastic SEO features inherit of blogs, the blog address would always rank higher in Google than the primary site would. This created the struggle of steering clients that found your blog over to your main website that had the “meat and potatoes” of your marketing. And there was still the confusion of “go to this website for booking and payments and go to this other website to view your private photos”. Ugh!


Having a formal education in IT and programming, I set out to tackle the usability and SEO issues created by having so many different task-specific web addresses. After some dedicated work I relaunched my own business website which had the full marketing materials AND the blog all integrated on the same site. I know that is standard operating procedure now, but over a decade ago it was cutting edge! Clients enjoyed the dynamic nature of it and search engines REALLY enjoyed it. Due to the website itself and my own online blogging and online marketing strategies I started ranking higher than most photographers throughout Florida and bookings were through the roof!
Other photographers were envious. 

I was amazed and fascinated how a carefully crafted web presence could double, even triple, a businesses growth. A short while later the 3rd party booking, proofing and e-commerce sites were eliminated and everything needed was all bundled in and manageable from our own website. By then my passion had shifted from photography to web solutions.
Other photographers wanted their own!
(So did the florists, DJ’s officiants, venues as well as brides and grooms who owned businesses)

Soon the demand for feature-rich websites grew to the point that photography became just an added feature to offer for web solutions and the transition to full-time web development and online marketing was complete.

Artful Pussycat Today

We have grown to a full-fledged agency. We stay nimble and agile as a remote based business. While we are headquartered in New Port Richey, FL our team is scattered all over North America including St. Pete Beach, North Dakota, Georgia, Arizona… We even have two American “Digital Nomads” who work from the Phillipines. Our team is comprised of Programmers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Marketers, Project Managers, thinkers, and pretty cool people who all share a passion for what we do. We cater to local businesses whose growth is dependent on reaching as many customers in their local geographic area as possible. This requires a different skillset and mindset than businesses that target nationally. Our success is measured by the clients that have had to hire more staff, move to larger facilities, open second and third locations and buy more service vehicles due to the growth our web solutions provide.

Our Mission

Artful Pussycat strives to bring you the best web design, online presence, website functionality or marketing you will find in New Port Richey, Tampa Bay or around the world. Our business is to grow your business. After discussing your needs, business and project goals and constraints, current site problems (if applicable) we will provide you with a customized solution depending on your company’s strategy and goals. We strive to ensure the best relationship with our clients, both during and after their goals have been met or exceeded.



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