Automate your Reputation Management & Reputation Marketing

Now is the era of reputation marketing. 

Google and Facebook, the behemoths of the web, have all but indisputable control on the internet. For better or for worse, each platform has a very visible review sub-platform that is seen, if not used, by billions.

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users and Google is at least a billion users for its core products, including Search, Android, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, and Gmail.

Most consumers examine online reviews seriously before making a decision on a question they have about product or service. Now, learn how to make sure everyone knows how great you are through reputation marketing.

Learn how to make sure everyone knows how great you are through reputation marketing.

Let’s go!

Get Your Reputation Marketing Started with Favors

There is a strange and powerful psychology surrounding favors and gifts. It’s the basic thought that makes promotional products useful. When you give someone something, some primal part of them wants to return the favor.

So, after you provide goods or services in a satisfactory way, your customers are very likely to feel helpful. Simply asking them for a review is a reliable way for them to feed that need to help you.

Automation is Your Friend

Chances are that you have a website and or other web-based platforms already. Automate your reputation marketing through our platform or with some changes to your site.

Here are some ideas how:

  • Have a popup request for review after completing a purchase
  • Periodically send emails to those who use your site to reserve something
  • Send a survey with an emailed receipt from your web-based point of sale system or accounting platform

Remember computers can do the same thing over and over perfectly. Automation takes a great deal of human capital out of your reputation marketing, especially when you outsource.

Connect it to Social Media

Once you have reviews and customer testimonials, you can do some fun things with them. Maybe take a few reviews and create an image tile series. Think classy memes: gorgeous photos of your business with the text of the review overlayed.

This not only helps to get the word of good service out but it also gives you another source of easy, shareable content you can use to feed the online beast.

This also creates a certain customer production cycle.

People appreciate the recognition from businesses. It endears your established customers who have offered a review to you.  It then makes people want to get that same validation and appreciation you offer to your customers, so they become customers.

Video Dominates

Everyone is trying to produce videos to meet the ravenous demand from mobile consumers for online content. There appears to be no stopping the demand for video content for the mobile web user, according to

In the end, you want people to know about the great experience you provide for your customers.

You can help yourself by helping your customers yet again. But this time to tell their story. Call us to help us tell yours.

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