15 Signs It's Time To Outsource Your Online Marketing

There is something romantic about a completely self-sustained business which has every moving part and function contained within itself. The idea, if put into practice, is certainly admirable, especially if the business is very successful. However, realistically, it’s hard to sustain. Trying to do everything can often lead to overworking or even certain parts of your business suffering. At some point it just makes far more sense to outsource certain parts of your business. One of the easiest functions to outsource is online marketing, things like fresh blog posts, website maintenance, and even website development, and to help you decide if it’s time to outsource online marketing, below is a list of signs to look out for.

1. Business Growth
Business is booming, so you may wonder why you want to change anything since what you’ve been doing has yet to fail you. As your business grows, however, you will need to adapt certain aspects to the demands of a sizable business. A swelling business means a swelling to-do list, as each member of your staff, you included, gains more and more things to check off before quitting time. Marketing is usually something that gets put at the very bottom of this list, which might be harmless at first. But the longer you leave it, the more your business suffers. To keep that growth going, marketing needs to continue. This need for momentum is the primary reason to call in an agency to take care of marketing for you, taking it off your to-do list.

2. Need for Speedy Growth
Alright, so you have some steady, solid growth moving right along. However, that real influx of growth to take your business to the next level is eluding you. Perhaps you feel some extra Facebook ads, Google ads, off-site SEO or email marketing could get you that growth, or even just simple search engine marketing, but you don’t want to divert resources or man power away from more pressing matters. Turning to a marketing agency to cover that product or content marketing for you can grant you the growth you need and won’t use up your employees’ time.

3. Overwhelming Workload
You’ve come so far running your business independently, but now it’s getting to the point that the sheer size of your workload has inadvertently had a negative effect on the quality of the work itself. Important calls and meetings are being missed, deadlines are going out the window, and your daily caffeine intake is through the roof. Basically, you have too much on your plate. Turn it over to a marketing agency to handle some pay per click marketing or maybe some website development and watch your stress levels decrease.

4. You Lack the Skillset
Of course, you’re a very competent businessman or businesswoman who has run their business very well up to this point. No one is saying you lack skills in general. However, there is a reason many universities offer marketing programs. This is a fully-fledged career choice, and it’s a task for a professional. So let the professionals handle the minutia of content marketing and search engine marketing (SEM), and stick to what you excel at: running a business.

5. You Need a Vacation
There’s no shame in it. You’ve been working and working to build this business to the point you’re at. You’ve barely taken a second to breathe, and now you still can’t because you have to much left to do on a daily basis. There’s no time for beaches and lakes when you’ve got website development to worry about. Free up some time and turn it over to a marketing agency. We’ve got you covered, go get lost in the ocean.

6. The Big Picture is Looming
You’ve spent so much time building this business that the creativity and dreaming has taken a backseat. Now, this may sound silly, but that creativity is what has helped you get to this point. If you don’t start focusing on the big picture, and leave the smaller things like directory listings and website security to someone else, you’ll lose your edge. Be the boss. Get your big boss ideas going. Let a marketing agency handle the grunt work.

7. Opportunity is Passing You By
Perhaps you missed a big event because your workload was too big for the weekend. Perhaps you couldn’t take on a new client because you already have more than you can handle with everything else. Perhaps you’re out of touch with your customers because you haven’t had the time to listen to what they’re saying. Either way, your to-do list is starting to drag your success down. By turning over things like content creation and SEO to a marketing agency, you’ll free up the time you need to seize the day. Carpe diem!

8. It’s Become a Health Issue
Yes, you’re a big strong businessman/woman. Yes, you have made it this far without any significant personal drawbacks. But you’re only human. And you don’t need to sacrifice your health for your business to be successful. Don’t let yourself be swallowed up by stress and anxiety because you’ve overbooked yourself. Shift some of that weight to a marketing agency, let them handle that search engine optimization and email marketing. There’s no shame in it. It’s just good sense.

9. Social Media Isn’t Your Strong Suit
Social media might seem simple at first, and for the average user, it is. However, once you delve past the entertainment aspect and start trying to use it to your business’ advantage, things can get hairy. You need a strategy and a good deal of experience to properly execute social media marketing. Don’t waste time and energy learning the ropes yourself when you can just as easily pass it off to a marketing agency to handle it for you.

10. Social Media Isn’t Working For You
Okay, maybe you tried your hand at social media because you trusted your own expertise. You’ve done all you can think of, and yet, your results or your ROI isn’t what you want it to be. Time to turn to the experts. A good marketing agency will help you identify the problems with your social media marketing and develop a plan for your success on Twitter and Facebook.

11. Your Market is Changing
This is uncharted territory. What you need is a guide to walk you through it. Like with social media, there’s no use spending the time and energy to figure it out on your own when an agency could handle it for you. An online marketing agency will know your new market and how your company should adapt its marketing plan to succeed in this new territory.

12. Google is Getting Ahead of You
Search engine optimization, both on-site and off site, is a big part of a good marketing strategy. You know this, and you’ve spent a lot of time optimizing your search engine marketing strategy to succeed with Google. Then, unbeknownst to you, Google implements a whole new change and messes with your entire system. You don’t time to keep adapting like this. Let a marketing agency handle the changes and the evolution of your marketing.

13. Blogs and Newsletters are Your Worst Nightmare
These are extremely crucial to a good marketing strategy. Blogs and email marketing are the heart and soul of a marketing plan. And yet, you despise throwing them together. It’s understandable, such things can be tedious and exhausting, especially doing them over and over again. Let the paid professionals handle it instead. They do this for a living, they must at least kind of enjoy it. A marketing agency can take this tedious task right off your hands.

14. Deadlines are Approaching
We get it, you procrastinate sometimes. We all do it. Maybe you have legitimate reasons, like a lack of time, lack of motivation, or lack of expertise, but it’s still a problem. So, something like your email newsletter winds up being a midnight the night before sort of task. If there’s one thing high school taught us, it’s that procrastination doesn’t always yield the highest results, even if it yields results in general. Letting an online marketing company handle your newsletters, blogs, and social media posts at least frees you up to procrastinate on something that interests you.

15. You’ve Got Some Extra Cash
There’s no hiding it, effective marketing services aren’t the price of a coffee, and the cheap ones are so low quality it isn’t even worth it. For a successful marketing agency, you’ll need the budget for it. And you’ve got some wiggle room in your budget. Where better to splash that cash than on a marketing company that will help you bring in even more revenue?

Hopefully, you’ve found this list helpful as well as convincing. A good marketing plan is essential to a business’ growth, and a good marketing agency is ready and waiting to supply you with just such a plan.

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